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Alien, Interrupted Iris Astres

Alien, Interrupted

Iris Astres

Kindle Edition
156 pages
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 About the Book 

Is it wise to have sex with a tall, gorgeous space alien who used to be your cat? The question barely has a chance to flitter through Hannah’s mind before she’s overwhelmed by temptation and writhing under the strong, hot man in her bed. And while the thought of goodbye sometimes makes her question the decision, life with a handsome lover does not disappoint.Yom Lister has proven no better at reasoning himself out of his lust. Somehow he’s managed to pair-bond with an Earthling—the intensity and speed of his connection to Hannah setting him completely off-balance. In one unthinking moment, Yom ends his state-sponsored vacationon Earth and finds himself a traitor to the planet he once saved.Before he’s arrested, however, he plans to make the best of the insanity. He has good reason to reap the rewards of Hannah’s willing body while he can—their impending separation isn’t only inevitable, it’s potentially deadly.