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Published 1960
394 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The PlanI had been able to bring together my notes/thoughts for the earlier parts of this reading. Those can be found here:Book 1: A Preliminary Outline of PhilosophyBook 2: An Introduction to Philosophical ProblemsBook 3: The Basic Instruments Of PhilosophyFrom Book 4 onwards, it becomes slightly harder to talk about the books in isolation. Also, A became easier to follow - so I stopped using so many supplementary resources. I will try to put up a review here incorporating my reading notes, additional thoughts, criticisms, doubts, ideas and a few unwarranted digs at Aristotle as soon as I can. Meanwhile, I am planning to now move into The Organon and Physics next.The original plan was to progress in an orderly fashion through the great philosophical works before reading the modern ones (all first-hand) but Sartre has thrown a spanner into that plan by being so irresistible. So now the new plan is to read in parallel the moderns and the ancients - and to meet somewhere in the middle, some day...