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How Soon is Now? M.J. Foster

How Soon is Now?

M.J. Foster

Kindle Edition
17 pages
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 About the Book 

In a London suffocated by The Corruption, a worldwide smog that has filled the skies for nearly a century, a young soldier discovers she can manipulate events by using her dreams. After an heroic act brings Billie to the attention of the Queen, she begins to use her gift to help the people of the city. But Billie begins to lose all sense of reality and the consequences of her actions are more terrifying than she could ever imagine...In this short story, How Soon is Now? brings together the genre of science-fiction/steampunk with the ideas of John William Dunne, author of An Experiment with Time. Dunne was fascinated with the idea of pre-cognitive dreams and this short story asks: could we manipulate these pre-cognitive dreams for our purposes and if so, and however pure our motives, what would be the consequences? Victorian London is lit by luminescent airships, the streets are heavy with looters, and clockwork assasins all play a role in this dark tale.