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Kingman-1971: Part II: The Boogeyman Gary Reeves

Kingman-1971: Part II: The Boogeyman

Gary Reeves

Published January 27th 2011
ISBN : 9781426955792
0 pages
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 About the Book 

Against all odds, Brent Kingman is alive. He survived the atrocities in Vietnam, and he returned to his family home at Kingman Ranch. His loved ones surround him, including the love of his life, Jamaica Phillips, who he saved from the claws of death twice since his return home. They plan to marry, but fate intervenes, as Brent finds himself falling victim to malaria, among other unidentified illnesses picked up overseas. Brents illnesses cause hallucinations, which take him back to the horrors of war and beyond-to a time when he was a little boy, seeking solace from his father. Time and again, Brent asks his father to Keep the Boogeyman away. Sam Kingman is devastated to see his son so weak and ill, after all he went through in Vietnam. Why do they deserve this? Why does Brent deserve what looks like punishment? The Boogeyman is part II of the Kingman-1971 series, following part I, Jamaica. The Kingman family has suffered much, but young Brent Kingman has suffered the most. He survived the war, only to return ill and unable to adjust to normal life. As the hallucinations threaten to take him under, his family and loving fiancee must pull together. Together, they will keep the Boogeyman away. Theyre the only ones who can.